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One of the most common questions we’re asked is the best way to prevent damage to rugs in homes and businesses.

We want our Napa County customers to avoid the need for rug repair, so we provide tips to reduce damage and wear to rugs so they last for decades. The simple fact, however, is that certain things tend to wear out and harm rugs no matter what you do. When that happens, call Master Cleaners, professional carpet cleaners and rug cleaners at (707) 942-0990. We’ll fix your Oriental, Persian and area rugs using our sophisticated mending process, restoring them to their original beauty and softness.

Napa County Rug Repair

Here are specific methods of rug repair we perform on a daily basis at Master Cleaners:

Hand Wrapping
All rugs tend to wear out or fray around the edges. Several things cause this type of damage, including friction when the rug rubs against the wall. Heavy foot traffic is a top reason for any kind of rug. The internal cord ends up being exposed to injury because the edges that are supposed to protect it have lost the ability to do their job. Napa County rug repair experts safeguard the edges once again with a hand wrap, restoring the rug’s appearance.
Machine Fringe
Professional rug repair experts need an eye for design in addition to the skill of adding fringe. Ask us about machine fringing. Enjoy the long life of high quality rug fringe as it changes the look of your favorite rug through color, texture, and style.
Hand Fringe
Do you have a specific style, color, and depth of fringe that needs to be done by hand? Master Cleaners employs experts with decades of experience working with high quality rugs such as exotic, thick Persian rugs. Customer service and satisfaction are important to us! Hand fringing gives us the ability to change the length and appearance to your specifications.
Cut Repair
Having an expert repair a cut on any rug as soon as possible is the best way to avoid further damage. As people walk on the rug or drag furniture across it, the rug shifts and loses its integrity. It also causes the cut to get longer. Avoid further damage by calling us immediately for quality rug repair that no sign of the previous damage.
Rugs that are off-kilter or have a slight rumple or bend are usually older. It’s also a reaction to wear and tear. Ask about blocking when you call our Napa County location at (707) 942-0990 for rug cleaning. It’s one of the methods we can use to cure instability. First we’ll go through the eight-step cleaning process. Next your rug is mounted to a blocking floor. It’s gently stretched while it dries so it returns to its original shape. A second reshaping session may be required, depending on the distortion of the rug.

Add a picture of the rug to our website contact form or call us at (707) 942-0990 so we can analyze how to repair the rug.