Topical Treatments For Area Rugs

area-rug-topicalTopical Treatments can be applied after the cleaning process to help maintain your area rugs and to increase the life of the rug so they can be part of your décor for years to come. Master Cleaners only uses non-toxic, biodegradable products so they are safe for children and pets.

Fine Rug Protectant

A common misconception with protectant is that it can be applied once and last a lifetime.

To be effective, application of protectant should occur each time you have your area rugs cleaned, approximately every 12 months. When applied, the protectant forms a barrier around the fiber making the fiber more resistant to spills, sun fading and stains. It works very similar to that of vehicle wax. Application of vehicle wax to the paint must be done with reasonable amounts of time to help resist sun fading, stains and hard water spots.

Moth Treatment

When moths lay eggs, the eggs are embedded into the wool fibers. When they hatch, the larvae immediately start eating the wool fiber leaving patches of missing fibers in your rugs. This usually occurs when rugs are stored for extended periods of time but can occur in the home.

One moth treatment is colorless and odorless but very effective when applied. It makes the wool fibers of your area rugs not taste very good to the larvae so the fibers are left alone and not eaten.


Deodorizer can sometimes help with unpleasant odors in rugs caused by spills, pets, or bacterial growth such as mildew or dirt smell. In some cases, severe odors will need to be given additional professional attention. Some of the more mild cases of odors can be masked with deodorizers. It has a light floral or powder smell and can freshen your area rug and ultimately the room you area rug resides in. Read more on Odor Removal