Do you have a Persian rug in your home? Persian rugs bring a touch of elegance and beauty to any home, but they can also be difficult to clean properly and the negative effects can be devastating if they are not cleaned correctly. When you need to clean your rug, turn to the team at Master Cleaners.

We have years of experience providing our customers in and around Sonoma County, CA, with an unbeatable Persian rug cleaning service. Continue to read this page for more information about professional Persian rug cleaning.

Can I Clean My Persian Rug Myself?

You can not without the risk of damage clean your Persian or other area rugs yourself. We do not recommend that you allow a carpet cleaner clean your Persian or any rug using their “truck mounted stem cleaner” on your driveway or worse on your hard wood floor. Cleaning a Persian rug or any area rug is a delicate process that requires a certified trained Master Cleaner that knows about the type of rugs you need cleaned. Master Cleaners cleans all area rugs in our “rug cleaning plant “utilizing specialized rug cleaning equipment and surfactants designed to remove dirt and oils while preventing 

rug dye color run. Furthermore, a professional can clean your Persian rug more thoroughly without the risk of ruining its beauty.

Master Cleaners has been cleaning rugs for over seventy-five years. Throughout this time, we have accumulated a wealth of skills and knowledge that allow us to take on any Persian rug cleaning service that you may need.

You don’t have to settle for dirty rugs—contact us today for a free quote.