Is your home in or near a location in Sonoma or Napa Counties affected by the 2019 wildfires? There is a strong likelihood that your area/Oriental rugs and carpets, among other things, have suffered smoke damage.

What is smoke damage?

Smoke is not like a mist or vapor that comes and goes and disappears forever. It’s a very thick, dense, and violating substance! As you can imagine, it’s very harmful to both the human body as well as the materials/fibers of items such as rugs, clothing, curtains, and carpets.

You’ve heard of second-hand smoke, right? What about third-hand smoke? Serious smoke – such as smoke from a massive fire -- does not go away easily. It will reside and continue to cause further damage, even if you cannot smell it.

If your home was anywhere near the northern California wildfires of 2019, you NEED to get your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned by a qualified smoke repair service. 

Give Master Cleaners a call at (707) 542-3611 right away to get a free price quote and schedule an appointment.

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Who are Master Cleaners?

We’re northern California’s trusted rug & carpet cleaners since 1947! We perform work on-location, and we also have a rug cleaning/rug repair facilities at our location.

When we first opened in the 40’s as Santa Rosa Rug & Upholstery Cleaners, we found such a supportive community. We absolutely knew, the wine country was the best place for our passionate team of rug/carpet cleaners.

About the 2019 Fire. About Smoke Cleaning

Ever since mandatory evacuations have been lifted, residents of Sonoma County, Napa County, and the other affected areas, have reached out to our company for smoke damage repair. We’ve been working overtime, ensuring that each and every family/business received comprehensive & complete rug & carpet cleaning. We will not leave a property until we are absolutely, 110% sure that its rugs/carpets are free of any smoke damage.

As we mentioned above, smoke damage can sometimes be silent. You may not smell the smoke, but it can still be doing damage to your household items ... and even your respiratory system!

Without proper cleaning, carpet, rugs, & upholstery will emit supremely harmful and dangerous odors that will last for months, even years! We are not trying to scare you; we simply want you to be informed.

Additionally, you’d be surprised how far smoke travels. For example, we’ve received calls from as far as 75+ miles away. “My carpet/rug has a strange odor,” our clients will say. Sure enough, after we performed our in-depth smoke damage assessment, we were able to verify that their rugs and carpets sustained smoke damage.

Smoke damage is especially harmful to children, the elderly, people with lung/respiratory disorders, people with weak immune systems. Even a perfectly healthy person will experience long-lasting symptoms if nearby smoke for long periods of time.

Do not hesitate – do not risk it. Call Master Cleaners at (707) 542-3611 for a smoke assessment & smoke damage repair for your rugs and carpets! This is not something that will go away on its own. You need professional help.

We’re available to answer any questions. If you have valuables that have sustained smoke damage and we aren’t able to clean them (for example, clothes) then we can help refer you to qualified professionals who can.

Master Cleaners cares so deeply for the homes and businesses of Santa Rosa. As mentioned above, we’ve been in this area for over 75 years, and we’re not going anywhere soon!