Area Rug Cleaning Process

We’re proud to say we have the only “true” rug cleaning facility in the North Bay. Our specialized machinery is specifically designed for oriental and fine area rugs so you can be sure you’re getting the best cleaning possible.

Click on a number below to see each step of the Area Rug Cleaning Process.

process-area-rug-1-power-dustingOur power dusting machine uses a vacuum effect to remove loose dirt and soils from your rug.

process-area-rug-2-color-fastness-testTo ensure the proper cleaning method, our trained technicians will perform a color fastness test prior to washing your area rug.

process-area-rug-3-preconditioningPlacing your area rug on our wash room floor will enable us to precondition heavy stains and soiling for better cleaning results.

process-area-rug-4-machine-washingOur specially designed area rug cleaning machine uses gentle agitator brushes mixed with a mild detergent for a deep, thorough cleaning.

process-area-rug-5-rinsingThe machine also has rinse jets and a built in ringer for maximum rinsing.

process-area-rug-6-controlled-dryingClimate controlled drying allows for complete and even drying on your area rug.

process-area-rug-7-rug-groomingAfter drying, we’ll groom the rug to give it that fresh look. Grooming also includes hand cleaning of any fringe you have.

process-area-rug-8-final-inspectionWe’ll do a final inspection on your rug and, if needed, re-treat any stubborn areas. Then we’ll store your rug until you are ready to pick it up.