If your rugs are starting to collect dust and grime, this is a huge task to take on alone. To save you time and money, let the rug cleaning experts at Master Cleaners take care of this undertaking for you if you are in Marin County, CA.

At Master Cleaners, we offer a variety of rug cleaning services because we understand that your rug needs specialized cleaning. Our team strives to bring you the best results while maintaining the condition of your rug.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

When you try to clean your rug with at-home or DIY methods, you could leave behind various spots and stains which can compromise the rug’s integrity as fibers are worn down. With our rug cleaning services, you can rest assured that every blemish is removed from your rug. Our expert cleaners will also remove built-up dirt underneath your rug making it look as good as new.

At Master Cleaners, we do not just clean rugs, but we also repair them. We use top-quality machinery to repair everything from fringes and fractures to scratches and shedding. With 70 years of experience and our eight-step procedure, you will have clean rugs inside and out.

If you are interested in our rug cleaning services in Marin County, CA, contact us today by calling (415) 259 0109 or by requesting a quote through our contact page. We would love to make your rug feel new again.