Area Rug Repairs

repairs-photo-1When your oriental or fine area rugs require special attention beyond cleaning or treatments, we can help.

Our facility is equipped with a full repair and restoration department ready to handle nearly any situation or attention your area rugs require.

These are only a few of our repair services, if you would like to find out more please call or come by. In some cases, we may be able to quote repair pricing on the telephone.

Area Rug Repair Examples

Machine Fringe

repair-1-machine-fringeNew machine fringe can make all the difference in the appearance of your rug whether your rug has worn out fringe or no fringe at all. Our repair specialist can help you choose the color and style that best suits your rug.

Hand Fringe

repair-2-hand-fringeOur expert weavers can hand weave new fringe right into the ends of your rug. In most cases, we can even make the tassels of the fringe a specific length to your liking.


repair-3-blockingSometimes rugs become dimensionally unstable. When this occurs, they can be blocked just after our cleaning process and dried while tackled to our blocking floor. This will enable a rug to dry in place and be reformed back to its intended shape.

Cut in Rug

Sometimes accidents occur and your rug will require special attention.

Each repair is handled with the utmost care by our repair specialists. After the repair, a final inspection is done by our inspection team to ensure quality before it’s released and ready for pickup.

Hand Wrap

repair-6-hand-wrapIf the sides of your area rug are worn out they can expose the cord or show snags. When this happens, a hand wrap in necessary.