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Persian and Oriental rugs are recognized as some of the most beautiful rugs ever made. You might see them in the living rooms of Napa County homes and the offices of various businesses. This type of rug is crafted by hand in faraway countries by artisans who take pride in their work. They use patience and skill to create a masterpiece. Even the rugs that were purchased years ago display the vibrant colors and quality with which they were designed. As a result, these rugs offer a timeless quality unmatched by any other style of rug.

Persian & Oriental rugs are typically handed down as keepsakes from generation to generation. As a result, they are invaluable to many owners due to their history. Aside from that, the fine craftsmanship of an authentic rug of this nature can be upwards of tens -- even hundreds! -- of thousands of dollars. It’s worth the price to see how the elegant workmanship and rich quality change an ordinary room into an elegant area. Likewise, it's worth the cost to hire professional rug cleaners that specialize in these quality rugs.

Persian & Oriental Rug cleaning Area rugs just don’t deliver the same feeling, although they have their place in the home. There’s seldom any hesitation in getting the area rugs cleaned. On the other hand, Persian & Oriental rug cleaning is a matter of concern because of skill and knowledge needed to clean the materials and dyes without harm. No matter how hard you try to keep the rug clean and stain-free, at some point it will need deep cleaning.

Lifting stains and dirt from these impressive rugs requires quite a bit of skill and training, as well. Master Cleaners is recognized for their expertise and knowledge of the correct blemish and stain removal for Oriental and Persian rugs. Stains should be addressed right away, so call for help ASAP at (707) 942-0990. We are Napa County's trusted rug cleaners since 1947!

How does Napa County's Master Cleaners handle your Oriental and Persian rug cleaning? Your rug is taken to a special facility where it receives the benefit of more than 70 years of rug cleaning experience. The eight-step process restores dirty, stained, damaged, or blemished rugs to a like-new appearance. We’ve treated a wide variety of blemishes and have confidence that the results will exceed your expectations. Call for an appointment today at (707) 942-0990 or contact us online.