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Area rug cleaning is a task that can have drastic results if it’s not done properly. Finding skilled Napa County area rug cleaners is as easy as contacting the professional carpet cleaners, Master Cleaners, at (707) 942-0990 and asking them to do the same great job on your rugs.

We also perform cleaning for Persian and Oriental rugs!

What makes area rug cleaning so specialized?

Napa County Area Rug CleaningGetting the surface clean is just part of the job. The big 3Ds – dirt, dust, and debris – are ground into the fibers and spaces in-between. Accidental spills do more than leave stains on the top. The residue seeps below, resulting in a compact, smelly mud. Specialized techniques remove the inner dirt that isn’t always seen. Professional cleaning and drying delivers the results you want.

Steer Clear of DIY Guides to Cleaning Rugs

It’s surprising how many online DIY guides are listed in response to a search inquiry for DIY rug cleaning. The result of area rug cleaning by yourself is that the results are seldom what you were looking for. Even an inexpensive 2 x 3 rug may not look the same once you’ve tried to clean it. Stains usually remain and the shape may be off once it’s dried. Odds are you will never meet the person who posted the Do It Yourself instructions on the Internet, so why trust their advice on generic cleaning?

We recommend professional cleaning for high quality and large area rugs. That process maintains the rug’s integrity and returns a healthy rug to your home. We’re certified Napa County area rug cleaners! We have over 70 years of experience treating stains on carpets and rugs. Why risk losing a beautiful rug because you ignored a stain or tried to remove it yourself? You’ll get the results you expect when you call Master Cleaners to treat a stain!

Master Cleaners of Napa County

Our eight step method thoroughly cleans your area rugs. Stains, odors, and dirt are removed from the surface to the foundation, leaving a soft, clean appearance that makes them look like new.

There’s no need to discard a favorite rug because it’s showing wear around the edges. Repairing area rugs is one of our specialties. Call for an appointment at (707) 942-0990 to find out if we can repair it. Don’t toss your investment in a cushiony soft rug because a complete makeover will make it look like new and save you the expense of purchasing a similar-quality rug for your home.

Our repair staff has years of experience restoring area rugs that have been scratched, shredded or fractured. We hand-repair or add fringes with specialized high-end machinery. Rugs (and carpet!) are our business and we enjoy making your treasured rugs shine.

Turn your lackluster rug back into the center of attention today by calling us today.