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What’s the status of the carpets in your Napa County business or home? Weather causes the tracking in of dirt and debris that is quickly ground into the fibers of carpets and rugs. Chances are it’s time to arrange for a good carpet cleaning.

An important aspect of carpet cleaning is getting the right method for each carpet. Master Cleaners are the Napa County carpet cleaners with more than 70 years of experience handling the carpet cleaning needs of the community. We have a wide gamut of services, including rug repair. “It’s All About Service” is the motto we display for every job.

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Napa County Carpet CleaningOne of the most overlooked instructions about carpeting is regular cleaning. Vacuuming and spot removal are part of the process, but business and home carpets need more than that. Carpets can be dirty without looking dirty because grime and dust are pushed down below the surface where they aren’t noticed. Even the best vacuum cleaner can’t reach, lift and remove all the dirt.

Master Cleaners of Napa County recommends a professional cleaning for every season. It makes it easy to remember to call for an appointment to refresh your carpets. We’ll keep them looking new by removing sand, pebbles, and stains on top, within, and beneath the carpet.

Welcome Visitors and Customers with Clean Carpets

Soft, clean carpets add a cheerful welcome to homes and businesses. The fragrance is pleasant and the colors are more brilliant when a carpet is freshly cleaned. The fibers are more resilient and last longer.

Specialized Stain Removal

There are two important rules about carpet care for stains:

  • Use the proper method to remove the stain.
  • Treat the stain as soon as possible.

Carpet cleaning is our specialty. If your carpet is accidentally doused with wine, spaghetti sauce, or any other item that affects the color of your carpet, contact us online or call right way at 707-942-0990 to schedule an appointment to have it lifted.

Quality Service at Your Doorstep

Carpet Cleaning Quality ServiceOnce you’ve seen our 7-step cleaning process, you’ll understand why it makes sense to hire a professional carpet cleaner. We take pride in knowing our procedure lifts and removes dirt, stains, allergens, dander, discolorations and dust that make your carpet unhealthy and dull.

Call today at (707) 942-0990 with any questions or to schedule an appointment for your Napa County home or business. Quality carpet cleaning service at your doorstep is just a phone call away.