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rug cleaners of Napa County, CAHow did those stains get on your rug? Spills happen and ruin the clean appearance of your quality rug. The important fact about rug upkeep is having stains cleaned right away to avoid setting. If you’ve found a stain on your rug or carpet, get it taken care of by calling Master Cleaners at (707) 942-0990.

We’re the experienced Napa County rug cleaners that treat your rug right. Whether it’s an heirloom Persian rug or a favorite area rug that adds to the ambiance of your den, we’ll treat it with care and get it back to you quickly.

Our Eight-Step Program

Our rug cleaners use eight steps during rug inspection, care, and maintenance.

  1. Dirt is more than a surface problem. It is ground into the fibers and foundation. Soils, dirt, and dust are broken away and loosened by our powerful dusting machine so we can eliminate it.
  2. There are many right ways to clean rugs because they are all different. Napa County rug cleaners want to be sure your rug gets the proper treatment! Gentle, safe testing is done to be sure the treatment process for your rug matches its quality and design.
  3. Our washing room is kept clean to protect your rug during treatment. Our delicate preconditioning process starts with industrial grade stain and dirt extraction. It treats your rug gently and avoids stress during the conditioning process.
  4. After conditioning, the rug is put into a special rug-cleaning machine. Hard to remove stains and dirt are gently agitated away. The difference once the washing process is completed is amazing!
  5. The cleaning continues with rinsing. This step allows the rinse-jets to free dirt lifted and loosened in the previous steps. Every part of the rug is rinsed.
  6. The right steps to drying the rug give it a longer life. A steady, proper drying experience is provided in our climate-controlled environment. The foundation, surface, and area in-between are completely dried in this process.
  7. Napa County rug cleaners groom rugs and hand-clean rug fringe during this step. It delivers a clean, fresh look. We want our customers to be a hundred percent satisfied with our service.
  8. The final step is a thorough inspection to be sure nothing was missed. We’re hard on ourselves because we expect to deliver top-quality cleaning. If a stubborn area didn’t come clean, we’ll analyze the problem and work to remove it. The rug is stored in a dust-free, clean area until you drop by to pick it up.

Ask us about our rug repair services for Napa County homes and businesses!

Master Cleaners values your business and satisfaction. We work hard to deliver the service our Napa County customers deserve. Why not contact us online or call us today at 707-942-0990 for additional information or to set an appointment for carpet or rug cleaning?