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Sometimes it happens. You’re carrying a cup of coffee and making your way across the expensive rug in your front room. A single misstep causes the dark liquid to soak into the fibers! Master Cleaners has a reputation as one of the best San Francisco rug cleaners in the Bay Area. We’ll quickly respond when you call (415) 969-4949 for emergency rug cleaning. We also perform carpet cleaning in San Francisco as well.

The faster any stain is treated, the better the chance of removing it completely! We understand the appeal of specially selected and inherited rugs to homeowners and businesses. If they’re dirty or stained, we want to get them cleaned and returned to you as soon as possible – even Persian and Oriental rugs.

Removing Dirt and Stains

San Francisco Rug CleanersWe have more than 70 years of cleaning carpets and rugs under our belt. We’ve probably seen and carefully removed every type of stain available. Our expertise is beneficial for rugs of all types. Each rug is inspected before it moves to the next part of our eight step cleaning process.

  1. It is surprising how much dirt and soil collects beneath the surface of your beautiful rug. It even grinds into the foundation. Master Cleaners uses a high-performance dusting machine to break up and loosen the debris that’s built up since the last cleaning. Once that’s done, we continue with the next step
  2. Rugs vary by the way they’re designed. Our technicians carefully and safely test each rug to make sure we use the right cleaning method.
  3. A precondition process is the next step. The rug is sent to our sparkling clean washing room and gently prepared to remove dirt and stains.
  4. The process reaches the half-way point and the difference really shows! Your San Francisco rug cleaners put the rug in an advanced machine featuring light agitation. Difficult stains and dirt are lifted away.
  5. The rinsing process frees additional dirt. Every inch of the rug is sprayed and cleaned by our rinse-jets.
  6. The drying process occurs in a climate-controlled environment. The unchanging temperature permits every area of your rug to dry evenly. Rugs last longer when they’re dried correctly.
  7. Grooming isn’t something usually associated with cleaning rugs, but Master Cleaners knows how much better it makes your rug look and so we do it. Grooming helps the rug dry more quickly and resets the nap so it shows off its fresh, clean appearance.
  8. Finally we inspect the rug to make sure it meets our finished product goals. We’ll tackle any stubborn stains that need further attention. We have a dust-free area where the rug is stored until you pick it up.

We’re proud of our reputation for consistent, reliable customer service and excellent rug and carpet cleaning in San Francisco.

Please contact us online or give us a call at (415) 969-4949 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.