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Persian Rug Cleaning in San Rafael - Master Cleaners, 1320 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, (707) 542-3611What is the most high quality and expensive rug you can think of? If you answered "Persian" or "Oriental" you are correct. These very finely crafted rugs come from exotic locations from around the world and are usually hand-crafted. With great quality comes a great price tag, however, and their price tag can range from the thousands to the tens of thousands.

Persian rugs are a great commodity in any house. They will completely transform an environment and bring a depth of class and richness that area rugs simply do not offer. However, it is unfortunate that dirt and blemishes are an inevitable outcome of living at home, and these rugs may become stained or soiled over time. Even in the most well-kept environment, accidents happen. We don't want your spilled glass of red wine to become a bad week, however, which is why we at Master Cleaners are known for expert levels of stain and blemish removal on Persian and Oriental rugs. Give us a phone call and we'll be there right away to take care of you.

Master Cleaners is top carpet cleaners that Marin is proud to call its own. We give our customers the greatest levels of care and attention, knowing that Persian Rugs are usually passed from from generation to generation, heirlooms, grand gifts, or they treasured possessions. They mean that much to us at Master Cleaners as well. If you are a San Rafael resident and need a Persian Rug cleaned, please give us a call!

Using our eight step rug cleaning process, we will restore your blemished, stained, dirty, or damaged rugs to their original just-like-new state. We have a special rug cleaning facilities devoted to the transformation of rugs just like yours, and we've been performing our mastery in rug cleaning for the past sixty years. After seeing every time of blemish imaginable, and cleaning each and every one of them, we're confident that the outcome of our work will exceed your expectations. You can expect nothing less than quality and mastery from beginning to end. Give us a call today!