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Rug Cleaning When You Need It

process-area-rug-6-controlled-dryingStains come unexpectedly. As hard as you try to keep your quality rug clean and free from imperfections, spills inevitably occur. If you are the owner of a stained rug (or carpet) please call us right away at (415) 259 0109!

San Rafael residents come to us time after time with blotched, soiled rugs. We don't see them as just rugs, because many times they are passed down from generation to generation. Or they were purchase because of their quality - Oriental rugs and Persian carpets/rugs. Regardless of its origin, rugs are invaluable commodities for your home. That's why we put so much attention and detail into the rug cleaning process, many times at a moment's notice to get the rug back to the owner with no delay!

Our Delicate Stain Removal Process

We actually have eight steps we take when working on your rug. Each step is highly inspected and done with the greatest levels of care. This makes our service an ideal solution for the care and maintenance of both Persian and Oriental rugs.

1. Our high-powered dusting machine loosens and breaks away dust, dirt, and soils from within your rug. You see, the dirt visible on the surface is just a fraction of the filth that the rug has collected over time. We work to the foundation of the rug to free it from dirt.

2. We perform various, safe & delicate tests to ensure that our treatment procedures adhere to the specific construction and quality of your rug. No two rugs are the same - the treatment process should be the same!

3. After we place your rug in our clean washing room, we'll be able to get to work with our industrial grade dirt and stain extraction happens. This is our preconditioning process, where we continue to prepare the stains and dirt for removal. This conditioning is necessary, because we don't want to create unnecessary stress on your rug. Like we've mentioned before - our process is highly delicate!

4. A specially designed machine uses soft and gentle agitation motions to free your rug from the hard-to-remove stains. This is where your rug begins to shine like new. But we're only half-way done!

5. Rinsing your rug is important - our rinse-jets clean every centimeter of your area rug and continue to free the dirt that was removed from the previous steps.

6. Drying is just as important as washing. A proper drying technique can add on many years to the life of your rug. It's also important for a climate-controlled environment to ensure a total and even drying on the surface and foundation of your rug.

7. Believe it or not, we groom your rug. It provides a fresh and clean look, and appearance that our customers absolutely love. During this process, we also hand-clean all fringe your rug may have. We want your 110% satisfaction.

8. We perform an in-depth comprehensive inspection to ensure that your rug meets our very high expectations. If we notice any stubborn areas that need improvement, we'll perform additional work to deliver the best possible results. We store your rug in a clean, dust-free environment until you are ready to pick it up.

At Master Cleaners we believe that service is everything. That's why we go out of our way to earn your trust and satisfaction. If you have any questions about this process, or if you'd like to talk with us about cleaning your rugs or carpets, please give us a call at (415) 259 0109 or contact us online.