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We offer quality care and attention for your damaged rugs

quality rug repair services in San Rafael, CAOur San Rafael customers come to us quite often and ask, "How do I prevent damage to my rug?" We give them a few helpful tips on how to make your rug last longer and how to prevent further damage, but the truth is, there's some rug damage that cannot be prevented. Rugs are made to last a long, long time, but the effects of time do cause a burden on the rug. Fortunately for you, Master Cleaners knows how to restore rugs -- area rugs, Persian & Oriental rugs -- to a like-new condition with our extensive mending process.

The Many Types of Rug Repair

Machine Fringe

Whether or not your rug has fringe, our machine fringing process allows you the luxury of high-grade rug fringe. Fringe brings out a new depth to the appearance of the rug, and quality fringe will last a long time just like your rug. Our rug repair specialists and designers have a very keen eye and can work with you and your specific tastes to pick a fringe style, texture, and color that fits your rug and preferences.

Hand Fringe

When a machine fringe will simply not do the job, we'll hand fringe your rug to a very custom and specific set of preferences. We can change the length, the style and uniformity, and manipulate the tassels to a certain extent. Hand fringing is especially useful for older and more delicate rugs requiring the touch of a rug expert like those found at San Rafael's Master Cleaners.


Over time rugs may become unstable. They might bend or appear a bit off-center. This is mostly a time and age related thing, but it can also be from heavy use, wear and tear. We have several techniques to repair these structural instabilities, and one of them is blocking. After our cleaning and drying process is completed we will mount your rug to a blocking floor where it can dry in place while being gently stretched and form to an ideal standard. Most rugs are properly re-formed in one session, though for more heavily distorted rugs we may need an additional session. You can use the contact form on our website and submit a picture of your rug, and we'll let you know how best to treat the issue.

Cut Repair

Our expert mending experts give your rug the special attention and treatment it deserves. Believe it or not, cuts are quite easy to repair and leave absolutely no trace of any prior damage! We have professionals on staff who have been fixing cuts in rugs for decades and we know exactly the best way to treat fraying and cuts, preventing further damage.

If your rug has a cut, it's best to treat it as soon as possible so the cut doesn't extend further or cause unnatural stress to the rest of the rug.

Hand Wrapping

This rug repair method is for worn out and frayed edges where the internal cord of the rug is exposed, due to heavy wear and tear, or even friction against an object such as a wall or table leg. Even the smallest contact with other objects can deteriorate rugs over time, which is why hand wrapping is so vital in our industry. A hand wrap is necessary to remedy the frays and return your rug good as new.