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Is professional upholstery care worth it?

The main goal of professional upholstery care is to keep your upholstered furniture looking as good as new. A professional will be able to use specialized tools and equipment that will revitalize old furniture in ways that you may not be able to do at home. Professional upholstery care is essential for preventing mildew, mold […]

How to remove smoke smell from a persian rug

If you have a Persian rug, it’s probably something you take great care of. After all, the best ones can cost thousands of dollars and they’re not easy to find. But, even the best rugs can get smoky smells in them over time if they’re exposed to cigarettes or smoke from fires. There are some […]

Get your carpet professionally cleaned for the holidays

We understand that you want your home to be in tip-top shape for the holidays. We also know that you may be too busy with other things to get your carpets professionally cleaned. That is why at Master Cleaners we are offering a quick once-over during this time of year before all of the festivities […]