Carpet and Upholstery Care That Comes to You

Carpet and Upholstery Care That Comes to You

You pour your heart and soul into your home. You take pride in the way it looks, smell, and feels. But if you have carpets and upholstery, you know that they can be a big challenge. They’re often neglected by homeowners, but carpets and upholstered furniture are one of the most important ways to protect against allergens and mess.

Make Sure Your Carpets Are Clean with Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you are in need of a professional cleaner, we are more than happy to help. Our cleaners use green products and steam cleaning methods that will leave your carpets looking like new! Be sure to ask about the cleaning process and what can be done to remove stains so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Stain-Resistant Carpet Can Still Have Stains

Even if you have stain-resistant carpet or upholstery, it can still have stains. For example, any liquid will create a stain. Food and dirt easily get into carpets and upholstery because pets walk over them all day long and children drop food on them regularly.

So what do you do when these things happen? First off, don’t panic! Most stains are easy to remove with some work and a few common household items like baking soda or vinegar.

How Often Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

When it comes to frequency, it’s important to think about the type of carpet you have and how much traffic your home receives. If you live in a multi-person household or have animals, consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months.

If there are no stains on the carpet and you don’t have pets, annual cleaning is sufficient. However, if you do spot stains, clean them as soon as possible so they don’t become permanent! Professional cleaners are experts at stain removal—they can even remove ink from carpets.

What Can You Expect During Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning is a process similar to washing a car. Your carpet is vacuumed, cleaned with a machine, dried and deodorized. Then it’s sanitized before being dried again. The cleaning solution used during this process will remove dirt, stains and odors from your carpet.

Other Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Home’s Carpets

Your home’s carpets and upholstery can harbor a variety of allergens, including dust mites, pet dander and bacteria. These contaminants can cause respiratory problems such as asthma or eczema. Allergy sufferers will also benefit from regularly cleaning their homes’ carpets and upholstery to reduce the amount of dust mites. Regularly cleaning your carpets and upholstery will also help lift dirt before it becomes embedded in the fibers. This way, stains are less likely to occur.

Don’t let your carpets go without professional cleaning.

Years of wear and tear can build up dirt and grime, making it necessary to have your carpets professionally cleaned. If you don’t clean your carpets regularly, they can become damaged by spills and stains. With children and pets running around constantly, it’s important to keep up with carpet cleaning. Our friendly, experienced staff will take care of anything from small jobs like spot removal or deodorizing your carpets all the way up to large-scale projects. We provide free estimates on all our work so that you know exactly what we’re going to do before starting any job. Give us a call today.