How to remove smoke smell from a persian rug

If you have a Persian rug, it’s probably something you take great care of. After all, the best ones can cost thousands of dollars and they’re not easy to find. But, even the best rugs can get smoky smells in them over time if they’re exposed to cigarettes or smoke from fires. There are some steps you can take at home to clean up your Persian rug and remove those unpleasant scents. Here’s how:

Take the rug to a professional cleaning center.

Professional cleaning is the best way to get the smoke smell out of your rug. A professional uses specialized techniques, including steam cleaning, dry-cleaning and solvents that are not available to consumers. This means they can remove more than just the surface layer of dirt and grime from your rug. They can also remove harmful substances like smoke odors.

Professional cleaners will also restore your rug by using only safe chemicals that won’t damage or fade its fibers. By prolonging the life of your Persian rug with proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years.

Use baking soda to remove the smoke smell.

As a natural odor remover, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is often used to remove the smell of smoke. You can use this method on rugs and carpets as well as clothes. Use one cup of baking soda for every two gallons of water, or mix one teaspoon with each quart of water. Wet the carpet thoroughly with warm water before sprinkling baking soda over it generously. Let the baking soda sit on the rug for an hour. Vacuum it up using a stiff-bristle brush attachment that will pull up any dirt. Repeat if necessary until all traces of smoke are gone from your rug’s surface.

These steps are the best way to safely get that smoke smell out of your rug.

The best way to keep your rug from smelling like smoke is by cleaning it regularly. It’s also a good idea to air it out every day in the summer, as well as vacuum it weekly.

If you want to go above and beyond and make sure your rug is completely free of that lingering smell, here are some steps you can take:

  • Professional Rug Cleaning: The best solution is professional deep-cleaning (or dry cleaning) by someone who specializes in oriental rugs. This will ensure that any lingering debris has been removed from the carpet fibers and won’t cause further damage.
  • Baking soda: Sprinkle baking soda onto a damp sponge or cloth and rub it into the carpet fibers until they become dry again. This will absorb any remaining odors from the rug but may leave some residue behind if not washed.
  • Vinegar: Mix 50/50 water with white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray evenly across entire surface of rug. Allow liquid to sit on rug for at least 15 minutes before blotting up excess moisture with clean cloths. Vacuuming again after baking soda treatment.

Hiring a Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Company is Your Safest Option

Remember, the most important thing is to use the right cleaning methods and products on your rug so that it can be restored and stay beautiful for years to come!