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Rug cleaning is a rather delicate procedure. Even though it might appear fairly similar to carpeting cleaning, the cleaning process has to be incredibly delicate and precise to maintain the precious quality of your rug. One spot can devalue a carpet by upwards of $1,000 or more. But, stains are unavoidable in an energetic home, and so they should be taken care of promptly.

Don’t attempt to clean your personal rug. There are several factors to take into consideration when treating a rug blemish, and it’s imperative that you just get the assistance of an experienced, professional team of rug cleaners to perform a complete investigation and assessment of the rug before treating the filth or blemish.

Clean and well-taken care of carpets are more pleasing to the eye and are longer lasting than poorly kept carpets. You can extend the life of your own carpet two to three times with all the help of a carpet cleaning specialist.

Till recently, rug cleaning has been a secret. The cleaning products developed even ten years ago were ineffective and didn’t eliminate all kinds of stains. Furthermore, certain cleansing agents did structural injury to the carpet by wearing out the delicate fibers and strings. With the arrival of technological advancements in the carpet cleaning industry, we’re finding quite specific and focused rug cleaning agents arise that can get to the origin of the stain and split it free from the material and fibers without annoying the carpet itself.

Master Cleaners in Santa Rosa is the areas best carpet cleaning business, our eight phase carpet cleaning process is intended to clean every centimeter of the carpet and return it to its initial state. We start by energy dusting the carpet to remove loose dirt particles from the carpet. Then, we execute a color fastness check to find out which special cleaning methods could be most effective and proper for your carpet. Don’t Forget, no two rugs are exactly the same and we treat each carpet being an invaluable irreplaceable treasure.

Then, we’ll precondition your carpet within our washing room to prepare large spots and soiling for effortless removal. The pre-conditioning procedure is just one of the very important steps in this method, because it removes unpleasant scrubbing from the cleaning procedure. We’re very serious when it comes to gentle cleansing.

Our specially designed area rug cleaning device uses gentle agitator brushes combined using a mild soap for a profound and comprehensive cleaning. This is equivalent to your “slow roast” in cooking – we slowly and gently scrub every fibre down to its root to make sure that every area receives maximum dirt removal penetration.

Based on the construction and type of your carpet, we are going to execute a specialized wash to free the rug of any one of this hard-to-remove dirt and spots. This is where the pre-conditioning agent truly comes into play – by this time, the stubborn dirt and earth may have loosened its hold on your own carpet’s fibers and will drop effortlessly off without any damage to the rug it self.

After our climate-controlled drying, your rug is gently groomed to give it that “fresh” look and appearance. In addition, we handclean and keep your carpet’s bordered edges.

After these measures, we conduct our final review to guarantee optimum quality. Whether any area is viewed as unsatisfactory in accordance with our very high requirements, we will provide that area very specific attention until we deliver back again to you a rug that looks like new.