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Customers frequently ask how to prevent rug damage. Our San Francisco rug repair team provides professional guidance on damage prevention and tips to extend the life of any rug.

Even the highest quality rug is affected by built-up dust, dirt, and spills over time. Master Cleaners has over 70 years of experience cleaning and mending damaged rugs. Give us at call at (415) 969-4949 to discover our expertise in the restoration of Persian, Oriental, and area rugs.


San Francisco Rug RepairSeveral factors cause rugs to become unstable over the years. Ordinary wear and tear and heavy use cause them to stretch and bend. Blocking is one method of mending those problems. Your rug is first cleaned and dried. Next it is mounted to a blocking floor where it undergoes gentle stretching and re-forming. Add a picture of the rug to our contact form so we can analyze what’s needed. Most rugs are straightened out after one session.

Cut Repair

San Francisco Cut Repair Skilled, professional treatment to repair cuts on a rug eliminates all signs of the cut. Our mending experts quickly and efficiently treat cuts and fraying to prevent further damage. Some of our staff have been on the job for decades and know that immediate rug repair avoids stress and additional damage to any type of rug.

Rugs and Fringe

Machine Fringe

San Francisco Rug Repair Machine Fringe Do you ever wish you had opted for fringe on your beautiful rug? Our rug repair specialists are skilled in adding high-grade rug fringe using our machine fringing process. Fringe adds appeal to any kind of rug and lasts just as long. Talk with our designers. They have the experience to help you select the texture, color, and style to enhance your rug and suit your taste.

Hand Fringe

San Francisco Rug Repair Hand Fringe Don’t trust the delicate process of hand fringing to just anyone. Handcrafted Persian and older rugs need the gentle touch of Master Cleaners, the San Francisco rug repair service with the experience to customize rug fringe. Uniformity, length and style are our specialty! We can even adjust the specialized tassels of your rug.

Hand Wrapping

San Francisco Rug Repair Hand Wrap Our experts understand and appreciate the talent and skill required to create cherished rugs. Friction and heavy foot traffic are examples of contact that leave the internal cord of the rug exposed to damage. Call us today at (415) 969-4949 to find out how hand wrapping repairs frayed and worn edging and helps prevent additional damage.