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Are you the proud owner of a high quality Persian or Oriental rug? Most of us know that the price for these beautiful works of art is worth the cost. They are hand-crafted by artisans who served as apprentices to master the skill of making quality rugs by hand. The result is a unique floor covering from some of the most exotic lands in the world. It costs thousands of dollars and usually takes a year or more to complete, compared to the fraction of time and cost needed to make an area rug.

Similar to ordinary rugs and carpets, homeowners should abide by a maintenance plan for Persian rug cleaning or Oriental rug cleaning. It’s a needed task that is frequently overlooked. A friendly tip from Master Cleaners in San Francisco is to add a reminder about scheduling an appointment to one of your automated calendars. You’ll get a friendly nudge from Facebook, a text on your Smart or iPhone, or a notice in your email or on your calendar.

San Francisco oriental Rug CleaningThe deep colors and carefully placed fibers bring a sense of beauty and class to any room. Dust motes and tracked-in dirt are two of the things that build up between the fibers. Accidental spills from a glass of red wine or fruit punch discolor the surface and interior of the rug. The quicker a stain is treated, the easier it is lift out. Give us a call at (415) 969-4949 right away and we’ll be right over to pick up your Persian rug cleaning. Master Cleaners has over 70 years of experience cleaning the rugs and carpets of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Handcrafted Persian and Oriental rugs are works of art that are typically passed on from generation to generation. These heirlooms last for hundreds of years without losing their colors and texture when they are properly cared for. We take pride in professionally cleaning your cherished rug and extending its life and appeal in your living room or other part of the home or office.

Stained, blemished, damaged, or dirty exotic carpets look just like new after Master Cleaners’ eight-step rug cleaning process. Our special rug cleaning facilities give us the opportunity to clean any blemish you can think of and deliver results that exceed customer expectations.

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