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Professional carpet cleaning is the most important part of caring for the carpets in your San Francisco home and/or business. Proper care extends carpet life and helps maintain a healthy indoor environment. Did you forget to schedule an appointment for this type of service?

The art of San Francisco carpet cleaning has been a specialty of Master Cleaners for more than 70 years. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is a goal we take seriously. It is one of the reasons we offer rug cleaning and repair as part of our services. “It’s All About Service.” That statement is more than our motto, it’s our promise. We bring the supplies and equipment needed for professionally cleaned carpets at your business or home.

How Quality Carpet Cleaners Make a Difference

San Francisco Quality Cleaners The office cleaning service and the person who volunteers to vacuum at home give a quick once-over of the carpet from time to time. Even if the carpet is vacuumed every day, it’s still not enough to keep the carpet clean. Moving equipment and furniture from one spot to another and the constant walking from one part of the room to another adds dirt, debris, and the constant stains from beverages, snacks, and other items. Vacuuming is important, but it doesn’t reach all the stuff below the surface.

A professional San Francisco carpet cleaning company like Master Cleaners is experienced at taking care of area carpets. The best way to keep your carpets healthy and extend their life is by having them cleaned by an expert at least every three months. Heavy foot traffic may result in an accelerated cleaning schedule.

There’s a Method to Our Carpet Cleaning

Beautiful carpets add a welcoming ambiance to your home, office, and business. Visitors, employees, and family appreciate the clean fragrance. How do you get bright colors and soft, sanitary carpets?

Our cleaning process has 7 specific steps that have allowed us to provide superior results for decades. It cleans on and below the carpet surface to lift allergens, dust, dander and dirt while removing or reducing discolorations and stains.

Do you own an area rug or a Persian/Oriental rug? We perform rug cleaning and rug repair services as well!

Eliminating Stains

San Francisco Rug Repairing There are so many different types of stains that can affect carpet at any time. Juice from the break room, toner from the printer, and industrial strength cleansers are just some of the causes. The right treatment depends on the type of stain and the materials in your carpet. The best way to minimize damage from stains is to treat them as soon as possible. You can rely on our experience to protect your carpet while cleaning the problem.

Call Master Cleaners today to set an appointment for your San Francisco carpet cleaning needs. Just call (415) 969-4949 to rediscover the pleasant appearance of your home and business carpets.