Your San Francisco home or business needs a dependable rug and carpet cleaning company. Rug spills and splatters happen, and immediate cleaning treatment is necessary to preserve the rug's original quality. Our company, Master Cleaners, has served the Bay Area and northern California since 1947 with our dependable, trustworthy service. We serve all areas of San Francisco -- we'll come out to your home or business on call for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. For rug repair, we'll accept your rug at our local drop-off location and have it returned to you in perfect condition in no time at all

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Carpet Cleaning

We treat dull, faded, stained, and discolored carpets for homes and businesses in San Francisco. You may think your carpets are simply 'wearing out' when in reality they might just need a good cleaning to bring back their original vibrancy. We recommend regular carpet cleaning services not only for a good-looking home or business, but we also suggest them because un-cleaned carpets hold crumbs, dust, germs and allergens that may cause irritation over time. These particles aren't lifted by typical store-bought or rented steam cleaners; only our industrial-grade cleaning system has the power to completely eradicate these irritants.

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Rug Cleaning

It's natural for rugs that receive foot traffic to deteriorate over time; no rug is immune to the effects of frequent use. Likewise, even without traffic rug edges might curl or the edges may break down and become weak and unable to lay flat on the ground. In regards to expensive, keepsake rugs, this may bring down the value - for high end rugs this may lower its value by thousands of dollars!

Carpet Cleaning Napa County

A professional rug cleaning and rug repair company understands the intricacies of a rug including its materials, structure, and threading. Because no two rugs are the same, it takes an expert in the rug industry to assess the exact damages or imperfections of a rug in order to prescribe a highly effective method of cleaning.

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Major Rug Manufacturers In Which We Specialize

  1. Edward Fields
  2. Kashmir
  3. Stark
  4. Carousel Carpet
  5. Axminster
  6. Ingrain Carpet
  7. Karastan
  8. Pottery Barn
  9. Jacquard
  10. Brussels Carpet
  11. Wilton Weave
  12. Wilton Carpet
  13. Chenille Carpet

We go through a 7-step rug cleaning process; each of these steps is custom-tailored specifically to the make of the rug. Many "Do It Yourself" methods of rug cleaning may clear the surface of dirt and blemishes, but the harsh consumer-grade chemicals eat away at the very threads and fibers that hold the rug together. These cleaning solutions do more harm than good to your rug in the long run; understanding this is especially critical if you own a timeless, priceless Oriental or Persian rug.

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Napa County Persian Rug Cleaning

ISA Accredited Rug Appraisal

Did you know that Master Cleaners has an ISA-accredited appraiser on staff? The ISA stands for International Society of Appraisers and requires rigorous examination and testing before accrediting a professional in their industry of expertise. Our own Regan Masi is among the best-of-the-best when it comes to not only rug cleaning & repair but also rug appraising!

Master Cleaners Restores the Rugs of the Governor's Mansion